In June 2016 we got together with a singular vision: make high quality portable audio products, with the focus only on the products.  Don't spend money on anything that didn't add to the central promise of an in-ear monitor: great music wherever you go.  We sum this vision up with three words: Portable Audio Excellence.

We focus strictly on audio products that fit in your pocket.  Not a separate case, or that need to be tucked in your bag.  Small enough to fit in your pocket.  If you have to stop and think about bringing it with you - it's not portable.  Phone, wallet, keys, IEMs.

We also focus on comfort.  Products need to be comfortable to hold, to wear, to use.  A product that doesn't sit quite right, or constantly irritates you, detracts from the entire musical enjoyment experience.  A poorly fitting product keeps itself front and center not by excelling at what it does, but by demanding your attention.  We don't want to demand your attention, we want to disappear and let the music be your focus.

Along with this, audio quality is a prerequisite.  If it doesn't sound great, then why even use it?  Listening to music is about enjoying what you hear, letting the music move you.  If the sonic qualities aren't superior then there's no need to bring the IEMs with you.  The central value proposition of a portable audio product - audio reproduction - is essentially shattered.

With over 140 years of combined audio-centric development experience for dozens of high end brands, we set out to execute on our vision.  The Periodic Audio products are our interpretation of what is required to take your music with you when you are out of your house, and out of your vehicle.  Inconspicuous, convenient, and high quality.  Portable Audio Excellence.
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