“The Be IEM was never embarrassed and, considering that they cost less than one-third the price of the AKT8iE MK II, they become a real bargain in high-end earphones.”
“Periodic Audio has nailed its competition at each price point and provided exactly what the mission statement promises: affordable, audiophile-quality IEMs that are comfortable and meant to be with you all the time.”
“Man, do these earphones sound great. Are they worth $300? Yes, if you care about quality audio that much, the drivers deliver a wonderful sonic experience.”
“I’ll recommend the Periodic IEMs without a second thought. Oh, and they offer a 5 year warranty, if you’re rough on your kit, or just want that added security.”
“Even if you have a very fine system, you may wonder why so much musical nuance and emotional connection disappears when not listening to Be - I'm going to keep a pair of Periodic Audio's Be around as an absolute reference - Recommended without reservation.”
“The fact of the matter is, the Periodic Beryllium is loads of fun - For what it's worth, I'm comparing it to the performance of higher quality IEMs because it outclasses so many others in its price range. For someone looking for a powerful, dynamic sound and a textured, tactile performance, this is an excellent performer. And at the price, it's a very, very easy recommendation.”
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