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Shine On With Silver

Ag is our new silver cable.  We start with our high-purity copper cable and add a 25 micron thick coating of 99% pure silver.  The wire is coated in a 7 micron enamel plating to keep it isolated with minimum rigidity and thickness. 

A polyester jacket with matching braided polyester jacket covers the wire.  And we use the same machined aluminum metal shells as our base Cu cables (but with an elegant silver ring to indicate it's nature) and molded ABS tension slider.

The result is a slight elevation in the top end, a bit of a brighter sound.  All with great reliability and comfort.

 Mechanical Elements

Size: 120mm length

Weight: 11.1 grams

Input Jack: 3.5mm gold plated TRS (tip = left, ring = right, sleeve = ground)

Output Jacks: 2.5mm gold plated TS (tip = positive, ring = negative)

Markings: L/R engraved on Output Jacks

Outer Construction: Woven black polyester threading

Splitter Housing: 6061 machined aluminum

Connector Housings: 6061 machined aluminum

Wire Material: 6N (99.9999%) OFC copper with 25 micron silver plating, 7 micron enamel coating

Wire Construction: Rope lay ten strands of 40 AWG wire

Tensioner: Black ABS


Ag Material Properties

Melting Point

1234.93 Kelvin

Speed of Sound

3600 meters per second

Young's Modulus

83 Gigapascals

Brinell Hardness

24.5 Megapascals