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Carry On With Copper

Cu is our standard high quality cable.  We use 6N (99.9999%) pure oxygen-free  copper wire.  The wire is coated in a 7 micron enamel plating to keep it isolated with minimum rigidity and thickness. 

A polyester jacket with matching braided polyester jacket covers the wire.  We use machined aluminum metal shells on the connectors and splitter, and molded ABS tension slider.

The result is a great looking, great functioning cable.  All with great reliability and comfort.

 Mechanical Elements

Size: 120mm length

Weight: 11.1 grams

Input Jack: 3.5mm gold plated TRS (tip = left, ring = right, sleeve = ground)

Output Jacks: 2.5mm gold plated TS (tip = positive, ring = negative)

Markings: L/R engraved on Output Jacks

Outer Construction: Woven black polyester threading

Splitter Housing: 6061 machined aluminum

Connector Housings: 6061 machined aluminum

Wire Material: 6N (99.9999%) OFC copper with 7 micron enamel coating

Wire Construction: Rope lay ten strands of 40 AWG wire

Tensioner: Black ABS


Cu Material Properties

Melting Point

1357.77 Kelvin

Speed of Sound

4760 meters per second

Young's Modulus

130 Gigapascals

Brinell Hardness

2874 Megapascals