Periodic Audio Inc. is a self-funded functional-sanity-vent by the sound quality extremists known to themselves - and literally no one else - as "The Brothers In Ears" ;-)

Collectively, we found it delightfully ironic that it was possible in 2016 to create a mobile-first Hi-Fi company whose primary value proposition was high quality audio performance

So, FYI – We’ve done that.

We will only ship products that provide a delightful audio experience. The end.

Our products are always going to be performance heavy, and buzzword-y feature impaired.

We do not make jewelry.

We just care about music. And that it should move you.

We put our money where our ears are every day because we think it’s important to make high fidelity audio performance accessible.

We hope you enjoy our efforts 

*(If you do NOT enjoy our efforts, please consult with your local poultry specialist on the most efficient ways to find and thoroughly suck eggs)