Our Gods

Periodic Audio's Founders - The Brothers In Ears - have collectively designed hundreds of products for the biggest audio and technology companies in the world. 

During this process, the Brothers have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. 

For clarity, the Brothers don't care about your audio product gods. Please live your truths.  

Similar to L. Ron, the Brothers have no issues showering you in their collective psychological audio-product-development baggage. Heyooo!

If an audio company makes an audio product, it must sound good. 

It hurts our feelings and makes us feel dirty and violated that we even need to say this.

If you have to wear the audio product, it must be comfortable. 

Obviously!? Or else... YOU WON'T USE IT

If you have to carry the audio product, it must be convenient to do so. 

If you need to pack a separate suitcase for your portable audio product, it's not portable. 

An audio product should not be complicated to use. 

An audio product isn't designed and built to determine and communicate the nuances of recombination lifetime in semiconductor devices. It's built to enjoy music. We focus on that.