"No more congestion. Now those strings are really singing. And those cymbals that sounded like they were in the other room, are now in the room with me. Also, the overall sound is less "in my ears", instead sounding more open and less confined."


"Contorted synths massage every inch of your earholes with the Ti, while the spectrum mids are cool and highs airy but never brittle. They’re supporting characters to the bass warmth, but not at the cost of detail." 



"It’s a solid little amplifier!
This is good quality craftsmanship. The Ni is stylish yet subtle in its design.
It’s constructed from two solid pieces of polycarbonate giving it a rugged and robust shell."


Having listened to a bunch of IEMs (many above $1,000) at the show prior to the Periodic Audio booth, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Going through the entire Periodic line, I heard something special about the Beryllium (Be) IEMs. My first thought was “Sounds pretty damn good. $300 seems cheap.”

"The Rhodium is a neat little adapter with a DAC that can achieve some great resolution. It’s an inoffensive accessory that will make casual listening a little more enjoyable."

"With a 98db Sensitivity and 32 Ohms impedance, you will have no problem driving Carbon with any portable device, but with amplification, especially the Nickel, they come alive with crisper highs and tighter bass. The amp will increase your enjoyment if you have an underpowered source."

"That may be the case, but I am writing this while the Periodic Audio Rhodium DAC is plugged into my iPad Pro. Not only is the Rhodium working without issue, but the sound is far superior to anything I have heard using wireless headphones, and it completely demolishes the audio from the iPad’s speakers."

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