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The Ti IEM utilizes pure titanium foil for the diaphragm material. Titanium is widely used in aerospace and high-performance applications because of its unique mix of extreme strength and stability with moderate weight, giving it one of the best stiffness-to-weight ratio of all structural metals.

The sonic signature of the Ti IEM is very aggressive, with enhanced bass and treble response.  It tends to be preferred by those who listen to electronica, dance, and bass-heavy music.  Not our most objectively accurate IEM, it is a lot of fun to listen to, especially pop, rap, and world music.

All our IEMs feature polycarbonate bodies for high strength and zero resonance, custom front-and-rear tuned volumes, Metal-Injected-Molded grade 304 stainless steel logo caps, butyl rubber strain reliefs, chemically etched grade 316 stainless steel grilles, and N48H grade magnets.  All held together in perfect precision with advance cyanoacrylate adhesives and sealed with polyvinyl acetates.

Every IEM set comes with a full set of accessories.  We manufacture our own earbuds from medical grade silicones and urethanes, and we include small, medium, and large sizes of single flange, dual flange and foam units.  We stamp our own screw-top carry tin sized to fit inside the coin pocket of a pair of your favorite jeans.  And you’ll get adapters that let you use your IEMs with any equipment, whether at home (the 1/4″ gold plated adapter jack) or on the go (the lightweight, gold plated airplane adapter).

Not sure which model to get?  Use our Selectatron to help you make a decision.



Frequency Response16 Hz to 30 kHz
Impedance32 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity96 dB SPL at 1mW in ear
Power Handling200 mW continuous
Peak SPL117.5 dB
THDLess than 1.5% THD at 1mW
Physical Properties
Cable Length1.5 m
Mass2.8 / 9.3 g (IEM/Set)
Operational Temperature-20 to +50° C
Operational Humidity0-95% Relative Humidity
NRR31.3 dB (foam eartrip)
Overall Length21 mm
Body Diameter12 mm
Nozzle Diameter6 mm
Material Properties
Melting Point1941 Kelvin
Speed of Sound5090 meters per second
Young's Modulus116 Gigapascals
Brinell Hardness2770 Megapascals