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  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier
  • Nickel Amplifier

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Nickel Amplifier

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Nickel seems to break the laws of physics. More power output than just about any portable solution on the market, yet smaller than some pairs of IEMs. It’s like we took a kilowatt, kilobuck high end audio amp and shrunk it down like an angora sweater put through the hot wash cycle.

Over 25 mW per gram – yeah, no one else talks that way because no one else has as much power in as small and light a package.  Over 250 mW – a quarter of a Watt – per channel into 32 Ohms.  Nearly double that into 16 or 8 Ohms.  Plenty of power for just about any headphone out there.  And with 6.5 dB of gain, it’s a good bump up in level – without crushing the volume range of your phone.

Ultra-simple to use, plug it in to turn on, unplug to turn off. Add it to a cellphone and watch high-end personal music players run in fear. Hours and hours of play time, and mere minutes to recharge. Easily 8 hours of too-loud-to-listen output from a good set of IEMs (like our units), and 30 minutes to charge.  Oh, and you can charge at the same time you’re listening, thanks to a dedicated split power supply for the audio stage.  Designed for unmatched accuracy, built to survive the mobile lifestyle.



Frequency Response 8 Hz to 80 kHz

THD+N< 0.005%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Gain 6 .5 dB

Power Output 250 mW Continuous, 32 Ohms

Damping Factor> 100 @ 32 Ohms

Run Time8 Hours, typical

Charge Time 30 minutes from full discharge

Physical Properties

Length 50mm

Width 30mm

Height 18mm

Weight 20 grams

Audio Jack 3.5mm TRRS (mic pass through)

Charging Jack Micro USB

Power Indicator Red/Yellow/Green

Body Material Polycarbonate

Material Properties

Melting Point 1728 Kelvin

Speed of Sound 4900 meters per second

Young's Modulus 200 Gigapascals

Brinell Hardness 1600 Megapascals

Whats in the box

20cm (8") long 3.5mm

TRRS to TRRS to connect your phone/tablet/laptop to the Nickel input

20cm long type A to micro USB cable for charging the Nickel


Warranty lasts for five (5) years in the United States.

Warranty lasts for two (2) years in all other Countries.

Please see the Warranty page for full details.