Perfect Pairing: Beryllium + Nickel

Perfect Pairing: Beryllium + Nickel

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Our Be IEM has won a ton of awards, and is widely regarded as one of the finest in-ear headphones you can buy - at any price.  It's portable, comfortable, and excels at audio reproduction.

Our Ni portable amplifier?  Won awards nearly out-of-the-gate, with stunning audio reproduction, massive power reserves, excellent transparency, and a truly tiny size.

So what to do?  Pair them, of course!  Take our Nickel amp, and make your smartphone, tablet, or laptop dominate those high-priced digital audio players.  Pipe it into our Beryllium IEMs to really experience with truly full-bandwidth, ultra-low-distortion audio sounds like.

And grin like a Cheshire Cat.

Save $150 with this special pairing, just $449 for a combo that gives you a true audiophile listening experience wherever you are.