Who the heck are these people?

We’re Musical Malcontents. Enraged Engineers. Picky Product Producers. And all our quirks and foibles ended up making the crazy company called Periodic Audio. Combined, we’ve got over 40 issued patents, hundreds of released audio products for other brands, and even an Emmy. But what do we do now? Well, here’s what we’ve distilled it down.

At Periodic Audio, we live and breathe our Four Commandments of Product:

  1. All Audio Products Must Sound Great
  2. All Worn Audio Products Must Be Comfortable
  3. All Carried Audio Products Must Be Convenient
  4. All Audio Products Have To Be Intuitive

These Four Commandments drive how we design, and what we do:

We’re Audio Quality Connoisseurs

Periodic Audio’s Vision to “Put a High End Audio System in Everyone’s Pocket”. The compromises we make reflect that vision. We want your great audio experience to be, well, great. No compromise in sound quality OR in where you can experience that quality. Wonderful audio at home, equally smile-inducing when riding the subway. It’s what we want for ourselves, and we think you want the same, too.

For example, our Beryllium IEMs and Neon Bluetooth Receiver. Beryllium has won dozens of awards for its clarity, audio quality, and dynamics. Neon’s massive 150 mW per channel of continuous power and AptX/AAC decoding is a natural to get the maximum musical impact from your streamed audio to our IEMs. Combined, they are a wireless solution that excels over any “TWS” style design.

We’re Hardware Obsessed

Making great audio gear that meets the Four Commandments means pushing the bounds of technology. But not at a nose-bleed-inducing sky-high price! You want to enjoy gear, not fret about a 72 month payment plan. So we define what we need to accomplish, and set about finding and designing the perfect parts to achieve our goals. Like we did with our Silicon. Roll our own chip. Use a no-compromise, full 32/768 kHz input DAC from AKM. Build in a 180 mW per channel Texas Instruments power output stage that’s DC coupled all the way through, and use 5 ultra-low-noise (6 uV RMS) power supplies while we’re at it.

Research And Development is the Basis Of Product

We don’t rest on our laurels, or simply reuse/recycle designs. We push for clean sheet with every new product. If we happen to end up at the same place we’ve been before, we know it’s the right decision because the process, guided by the Four Commandments, took us there and not because we were lazy. As Greg Mackie (of Mackie pro audio fame) used to say all the time, “Those who tool, rule”. Build what you WANT/NEED, and the product will follow. We do the same.

To sum up: we have Four Commandments that we use when making our great gear. We don’t release a product until we’ve achieved all four of these. It’s not good enough to hit 3 out of 4; it’s gotta be all 4. Sounds great, is comfortable, is convenient, and is simple.

And we do this because, in the end, we believe it’s about the music, not the gear. We’re just a channel for you to experience the music, and we should get out of the way in ALL ways so that you can simply enjoy the music.

Periodic. Different by design.