Great sound truly is the core value of everything at Periodic Audio.



Jay Luong, AudioBacon

"The Periodic Audio Nickel ... promotes an emotional response. Which is virtually nonexistent otherwise. The point of buying all his gear is to enhance the emotional connection to our music. The Periodic Audio Nickel achieves just that."

Dom, DCJReviews

 "I hate you.  You have ruined every other set of IEMs in this place.  [The Carbons] are my absolute favorite IEMs that I have heard, and that I have ever owned."

Erik B., Customer

" I've had my BE's for about 18 months and my Ni for about 6 months. They are such a joy to listen to. No matter what kind of music comes out of my Iphone, they handle them with ease. The double flanges block out almost all external noise and the comfort over time has gotten better. I actually forgot they were in my ears the other day. "


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