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Power Trio: C + Ne + Si

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Inspired by the combination of products we recommend most for gifts and starter mobile Hi-Fi systems, the friends and family bundle will delight any music lover.

The Magnesium In-Ear Monitors, and the Rhodium DAC are both category leaders, and have great synergy as a system. Even the most jaded audiophiles enjoy the combo. It’s genuinely a full range experience at very low listening levels, and completely non-fatiguing.



The Power Trio.  A common term applied to great bands with just 3 members, who usually racked up platinum albums.  So it’s no coincidence that the symbol is Pt – Platinum!

Our Power Trio is pretty stiff competition. We pair our ultra-clean Carbon IEM with the wickedly powerful and resolving Silicon DAC Amp, and also toss in our big boss Neon Bluetooth Receiver for when you want to go wireless.

The result?  Phenomenal sound anywhere.  The Carbon is the lowest THD in-ear monitor on the face of the Earth, measuring less than 0.3% THD from 10 Hz to 40 kHz, at a staggering 125 dB SPL.

Silicon handles every high res file you can find – and then some!  A massive 150 mW of true DC coupled power per channel, Silicon can drive Carbon to more-than-concert-volumes and do it with absolute accuracy.

And Neon?  Well, plug Carbons in, pair to your phone or laptop, and take off!  Extra long range of 15+ meters, the same 150+ mW of power as Silicon for the same thunderous experience, and all-day battery life means you’re not going to compromise when you’re out and about.

The result?  Great sound wired, wireless, wherever.  Don’t compromise, go for it!  And do it with massive savings of $158 for the combo: just $429 for this wicked power trio!

Buy Power Trio: C + Ne + Si For only $429.00 USD

This item: Power Trio: C + Ne + Si
$587.00$429.00 USD
$587.00$429.00 USD
1 × Freedom Bundle : Be + Ne
$338.00$269.00 USD
1 × Starter Pack: Mg + Rh
$129.00 USD


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