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Power Trio: Ti + Rh + Ne

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Inspired by the combination of products we recommend most for gifts and starter mobile Hi-Fi systems, the friends and family bundle will delight any music lover.

The Magnesium In-Ear Monitors, and the Rhodium DAC are both category leaders, and have great synergy as a system. Even the most jaded audiophiles enjoy the combo. It’s genuinely a full range experience at very low listening levels, and completely non-fatiguing.



The Power Trio.  A common term applied to great bands with just 3 members, who usually racked up platinum albums.  So it’s no coincidence that the symbol is Pt – Platinum!

Our Power Trio is pretty stiff competition.  It starts with out highly regarded Titanium headphone.  A great base for rock and pop, Titanium packs a big punch in performance.

We then apply power – clean, high res power, in the form of Rhodium.  A full 30 mW of power and supporting up to 32 bit/384 kHz audio, it’s a big sound of clean power in a tiny package.

Rounding out the Power Trio: Neon.  Because sometimes you want to MOVE and wireless freedom is great.  Neon is not just a convenient Bluetooth receiver, it’s a true monster amp with 140 mW of power per channel so your Ti headphones are never drowned out by outside noise.

Combined, Ti + Rh + Ne builds a formidible triumvirate of musical excellence.  Get your Power Trio today!

Buy Power Trio: Ti + Rh + Ne For only $229.00 USD

This item: Power Trio: Ti + Rh + Ne
$229.00 USD
$229.00 USD
1 × Freedom Bundle : Ti + Ne
$179.00 USD
1 × Starter Pack: Mg + Rh
$129.00 USD


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