• Reviews of Electron USB-C to Lightning Adapter

    Terry W


    Bought two. Work exactly as advertised. I use them on a couple of different DACs, an older AudioQuest Black and a Periodic Rhodium. Finally don't need to limit myself to the clunky Apple camera adapter, I can now use a USB DAC without a problem. Cheap and perfect for my needs.

  • Reviews of Neon Dual Source BT Receiver

    Ron Kerlin


    Having been a longtime user of Periodic In-ear Monitors and Electronics (Rhodium and Nickel), it was with much anticipation that I now have the opportunity to evaluate the new Neon Bluetooth receiver amp. I need to preface my impressions by admitting that I have owned dozens of Bluetooth devices of all flavors, most of which I no longer own due to various reasons, including comfort, size, battery run time but most of all, the music just didn't come close to the quality of desktop or even portable gear. Given this past history, I couldn't help but wonder what Periodic could bring to the table that others were not able to deliver. Just to mention a few things, the Neon is a bit smaller than my thumb but can output 140 mW per channel into 32 ohms, flawlessly connect to 2 different sources with the tap of a button while offering the utmost in simplicity of operation! Of course none of this would overcome issues of short range, poor battery life and compromises in audio performance all of which have been addressed during the design of the Neon. I get no dropouts from one side of my house to the other, even through 2 block walls. Play time at my normal listening levels typically runs 14-15 hours. The most appropriate codecs are selected automatically. But of all these niceties, by far the most important is the superb quality of sound from this tiny device! I have tried nearly all of my In-ear monitors and Over-ear phones and must say that to my ears, the sound is virtually indistinguishable from that of my desktop devices. Truly unbelievable, I spent hours listening to my favorite recordings searching for any hint of audio artifacts to no avail. Just pure sweet music! Well-done, Periodic; you nailed it with the Neon!



    WHOA. Got me a Neon and its big time serious. All my cans, including Sony 7506 and old Grados sound great with this thing. Never run out of volume. I use it a lot at home too in bed, my TV has Bluetooth so I set up channel 2 for my TV channel 1 is my phone. Cans keep it quiet to not disturb my gf but I can listen loud if I want. It is tiny too like smaller than a lighter so its never in the way ever. Love this amp!



    This thing is badass! There current ad calls Neon badass and I agree it is tiny but sounds so freaking big. I have some old Sennhiser HD600s, Blue Lolas and a bunch of IEMs and I can drive all no prob. Pairing 2 sources is easy I leave one channel hooked to my phone the other to my laptop makes makin beats simple and easy can bounce between beats and streaming music or facetime no prob. Nice controls too I had a few other bluetooth amps and they were hard to remember what to use because of combo button pushs and stuff this is simple it's like the controls on the original earpods - vol up, play/pause, vol down. Simple slick.

    Jim W.


    Amazing audio tech here. Small and light. Perfect for listening on the go. I clip it to my shirt collar. Battery life is insane. Bluetooth range is incredible. Phone call sound and control are great. Above all, the sound quality is stellar. Incredible synergy with Beryllium IEM. My wife wants one now.

    Nick S.


    Just about the perfect Bluetooth receiver. What it does good/great: tons of power, very long battery life, ultra small and light (doesn't pull down my shirt pocket at all), simple buttons (I HATE multifunction buttons on things I can't remember what they do), cable comes out the bottom - I like that (cable lays normal doesn't try to pull the receiver over), and I don't know how they got the range they do, but I can go from my office to the back of the warehouse - about 70 feet and 3 walls - and it doesn't drop out. And the dual source helps a lot. I use it for my computer for Zoom calls and my phone for music/calls so I can bounce between the two really easy wherever I am. Normally I would have to go to my phone, drop the receiver, then connect with my laptop - which means I have to be at my desk. Now I can roam everywhere and switch by pressing a button on Neon, that is super convenient. The ONLY downside I see (and the reason I gave it a 4 star, instead of a 5, but I would have given it a 4.5 out of 5) was that it doesn't support LDAC. I have an LG phone and it supports LDAC and I'd love to try it with LDAC. AptX and AAC are really good - better than SBC - but I'd really like LDAC. My guess is that the dual channel support took too much code space so that they had to drop LDAC codec. It's more of an esoteric thing, but if I'm being honest that's the one flaw I see. Other than that, this is about the best $90 I've spent on audio in the last few years, all my headphones love it and I love it to!



    Probaly your first review from the UK; so I hope it encourages others globally who may not have experienced your Company yet. Just received from UPS/Royal Mail. No problems with that aspect. Frankly Neon is brilliant. I Have other bluetooth amp/Dacs (Shanling & FIIO) Neon is better in power/function & Technicalities in my opinion. It pairs perfectly with your TI IEM which I have also purchased in the last month. Music is so immersive & exciting with this combination. It even beats my wired amp/dac combos. Finally ,global buyers should not be afraid of your direct sales. It works & is cost effective for your customers, Well done!

    Erick Johansen


    On word: perfect. Well, almost I wish it was in a different color than black but I get that most people like different colors so if youre going to do a single color black makes sense because most people are OK with it. Neon sounds great with tons of power for my collection of headphones both in and over ear. Real deep extension like I get from my home DACs but this is one I can take with me. I replaced a Qudelix 5K with this, it sounds the same to me and is easier to use and a LOT smaller and lighter to carry around so my pocket isn't pulled down. I also like the cable comes out of the bottom so it doesn't try to pull the unit over on my pocket or collar thats a smart idea I wonder why more havent thought of that. I plan to buy one for my brother for Christmas its a natural gift for anyone who is into tech and music and wants something that sounds better than airpods or other generic earbuds which all sound pretty crappy actually. A good set of 7Hz or DUNU IEMs and the Neon really gives a top notch experience for less than the cost of gen 3 airpods lol.

  • Reviews of Rhodium DAC

    Walter W


    Do you want loud, and clean audio in a small package? Buy this DAC now. It's the best DAC I've ever owned.

    KD Kevin


    Bought a Rhodium and the Electron and it worked perfectly with my iPhone! Finally a decent DAC that's affordable that works with iPhone. Great sound, drives my own Periodic Carbon IEMs and my at-home Sennheiser HD580s with ease, plenty of detail and volume in either case.



    Bought a rhodium and electron and it sounds great. Works fine on my iphone and I also plug it into my laptop when I'm mixing beats. Drive my Westones way loud and clean. Can't believe $49 makes such a difference to the way I hear and experience music. Must-have upgrade!

    Tyler D


    It just works. I plug it into my personal phone (Samsung S22U), my work phone (iPhone 13 - I now use their Electron adapter because it's really small), laptop (Dell) and it just works. Nothing needed, no drivers, no switches, no LEDs, nothing. I like tech like this that makes it easy to use just plug in and it goes. I don't have to do anything other than enjoy. For $49 it goes everywhere with me, it's in my small headphone case.

    D. Fuhriman


    Echo above. Works, sounds great, simple use, plenty of power for IEMs and even a few over ears. Tiny, it lives on my AKG headphone cable most of the time without an issue like it's part of the cable.

  • Reviews of Titanium V3



    My fav IEM. Tons of bottom end and a clean top end with no distortion. Love it!

  • Reviews of Magnesium V3

    Evan J.


    I saw the V2 back a few years ago with it was a top pick on Stereo Review. Decided a month ago to get a pair of the V3 because I want detachable cables. All I can say is I wasted 3 years not having these! For $99 these Mg units are amazing! Like I hear everything and I can actually feel the bass, like real speakers, but it's not overpowering or too much. And they are really comfortable I commute about 90 minutes each way in the Bay area and I wear them at the office a lot too so I use them about 10-11 hours a day and my ears don't hurt at all. I'm using the large single tips they included they seal and feel great. Thank you Periodic for the great IEMs!

    Andrew Johnson


    Great American Sound

  • Reviews of Mass Fidelity Core



    This speaker has a good sound output with 8-hour battery life. I think the tech inside was created about 7 years ago but has not been improved/upgraded. I love my home setup, with wireless connection of 2 Core speakers to make a home theatre connected to the Mass fidelity subwoofer. The manufacturers need to continue producing this product with better tech to compete with contemporary bluetooth/portable speakers on the market.

  • Reviews of Carbon V3



    Living with carbons for 8 months now and they are my constant choice from all my IEMs (about 14 pairs from $20 to $1500 a pair). They just do everything right. Maybe not the cleanest treble, or smoothest bass but still very good and everything is just right sonically. Periodic nailed the comfort as well with these standard looking bullets instead of the "custom in ear" shape that pretty much everyone does today. For me the custom style starts to hurt my ear after an hour or 90 minutes but I find I can wear the carbons for 8 hours a day without pain. Just great sound for all day. love these units best purchase I ever made!

  • Reviews of Hydrogen

    Dan Gage


    Love these tips. I’m using the foam with my XM5 right now and they offer a great seal which creates a better sound and better anc. Much more comfortable that the ones Sony supply

  • Reviews of Beryllium V3

    Brian R.


    One word - stunning. Be is really natural sounding and never tiring or harsh. It just sounds right. Plenty of bottom end almost you can feel it like a great speaker setup but it's not overblown and doesn't overwhelm the midbass or midrange. No hint of distortion or noise. They seem clearer than the old V1s I had, I guess that's the new plastic used. And I love the new connectors! It's so easy and solid to connect and has lasted 8 months so far normally i get about 3 months from a set of mmcx connectors on a cable before they start failing and pulling off. Not these rock solid. Definitely worth the money I spent I use them every day.



    I get why people rave about these. They come in a low-end package with sleeve and cardboard. Cool carry tin but weird color gold dunno why but it is. IEMs look really normal plain nothing special like so many. When I put them in they are ultra comfort for all day wear never hurt my ears. I guess old style design is still best lol. Sound is amazing. I have an LG V50 and these BE sound so good on that phone. Like I am in a room with a big stereo system but just on my self you know? Hard to describe but it just sound real and tight. Love them!



    You've been listening to music with cotton balls in your ears until you've tried these IEMs! The clarity and balance achieved from Beryllium V3s is astounding. I didn't think Periodic Audio could surpass their original IEMs, but they have. If you've ever wanted to hear the hair growing on a conductor's knuckles (I'm looking at you, Hans Zimmer!), now's your chance!



    OK, SICK. Got some of these last month and MAD bad sound. Just kick everything. Tight quick bass, clean mid, lots of treb without cuttin heads off. Pricy yeah but way better than my airpods. I use the pods now for calls and stuff but when I want to listen to music the Bes are the only way to go!

    Johnny On The Spot


    VERY good audio from these! I have some more expensive units from Empire and Campfire, but I keep coming back to the Berylliums. They're just more comfortable, really don't give up any audio quality (even if they are balanced a bit different but so are the Empire and Campfire units) and easy to drive with my small Fiio player. I recently got the Neutron adapters too and they are great I can use the MMCX cables I have to get different experiences and change up the way the set wears and looks. Great overall value for just $249!