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Private Home Theater: Sc + 2 Ne

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 4 cm


Our Private Home Theater package.  Want to enjoy home theater for you and another without disturbing anyone else.  Take our Scandium dual channel Bluetooth transmitter, and add two of our Neon Dual Source Bluetooth receivers.

How do you deploy this home theater you can fit in your pocket?  It’s simple.  Connect the Scandium to your TV, and pair the two Neons to Scandium.  Then plug in your favorite wired headphones (over/on/in ear) to the Neons and enjoy phenomenal sound quality at the volume levels you want, without anyone else hearing a thing.  Perfect for those with light sleepers in the house, or varied schedules.

Plus, with Neons, you can pair one channel to the Scandium and the other to your phone, laptop, or other device and use it whenever you’re not watching your TV!

This special package is discounted for 27% off – get the full package of a Scandium and two Neons for basically the price of Scandium and just one Neon.  Get a Neon for free!

Buy Private Home Theater: Sc + 2 Ne For only $238.00 USD

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This item: Private Home Theater: Sc + 2 Ne
$327.00$238.00 USD
$327.00$238.00 USD
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