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Neon Dual Source BT Receiver

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Neon bestows wireless superpowers upon ANY wired headphones!

Seamless Source Switching

No more hassles un-pairing and re-pairing your most used sources. Connect to two different devices and hop between them with the press of a button. 

You Shall Pass! – Gandalf

Neon’s battery is certified by the Council of the Wise for Lord of the Rings – Extended Edition – including side quests for porcelain respites and food preparation… about 15 hours. 

Architected for Sound Quality

Most mobile devices use the mediocre amps integrated into multi-function chips. Neon’s discrete amplifier stage architecture delivers best-in-class sound quality. 

Tailored Convenience

Neon automatically provides the best software decoding possible for your application. Whether you require Low-Latency performance for movies and gaming, or a sound quality focus for music. 

Robust Analog Microphone

Pro-Grade electret microphone for the Highest quality voice capture. Neon’s analog microphone yields a natural, full-bodied sound for whoever is listening.  


Performance and Compatibility
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 20 kHz
THD+N < 0.02%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Bluetooth Compatibility iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux
Source Compatibility Television, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop
Continuous Power Output (RMS) 125 mW RMS @ 32 Ohms – Combined Output
Damping Factor > 100 @ 32 Ohms
Battery Life 14 Hours, typical
Battery Size 300 mAh
Charge Time 1 Hr.
Physical Properties
Length 50mm
Width 30mm
Height 18mm
Weight 20 grams
Audio Jack 3.5mm TRRS
Charging Jack USB-C
Power Indicator Blue/Green
Body Material Polycarbonate
Material Properties
Melting Point 1728 Kelvin
Speed of Sound 4900 meters per second
Young’s Modulus 200 Gigapascals
Brinell Hardness 1600 Megapascals



Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg


Bring Superpowers To Any Wired Headphone

SPS™ Source Switching

Our exclusive SPS™ Single Press Switching means no more hassles un-pairing and re-pairing your most used sources. Connect to two different devices and hop between them with a single press of a button.  Hop between your phone and laptop, or tablet and TV with a quick press.  Neon  improves your workflow and streaming audio experience.

“You Shall Pass!” – Gandalf

Neon’s battery is certified by the Council of the Wise for the entire trilogy of The Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) including side quests for porcelain respites and lembas bread breaks.  Neon’s 300 mAh battery is good for about 14 hours at normal listening levels with EN50332-compliant headphones.

Delicate Sound Quality Meets Brutal Power

Most mobile devices use the mediocre amps integrated into multi-function chips. Neon uses a discrete amplifier architecture to deliver best-in-class sound quality. Neon’s raw noise floor is below 105 nanovolts RMS at any frequency from 10 Hz to 20 kHz with less than 0.05% THD at normal listening levels.  Neon also brings a massive 140 mW per channel into 32 Ohms (a full 2.2Vrms output) to the table, so that Neon will drive nearly any wired headphone out there to high dynamic levels.  

Highest Quality Always – Guaranteed

The Qualcomm QCC3034 inside Neon runs all the best CODECs, to guarantee that amp is fed pristine audio.  Neon automatically negotiates the best CODEC available for each source to automatically provide the best software decoding possible for your application. Whether you require Low-Latency performance for movies and gaming, or a sound quality focus for music, you don’t have to lift a finger (or press a button), 

Professional Grade Condenser Microphone

Neon uses a professional grade 6mm diameter condenser microphone capsule for the highest quality voice capture. Compared to the typical MEMS microphone, Neon’s pro-grade unit yields lower noise and distortion, wider bandwidth, and less compression to provide a natural, full-bodied sound for whoever is listening.  We add in Qualcomm’s legendary cVc as well to reduce noise so the listener hears you, not what’s around you.

Intuitive To Use

Neon has four dedicated buttons: volume up, volume down, the classic “triple button”, and a source button.  Each button has a unique shape for ease of identification.  A single LED intuitively shows current status of Neon.  Neon also has our legendary AO² Auto-On/Auto-Off power control.  It doesn’t get easier than this!

Nerd Layer

How Do You Switch Sources So Fast?

It’s Magic!  Well, not really, but it’s a lot of REALLY trick programming!  We know that BLE enables multi-source work, but Bluetooth Classic – all your gear made before ~2023 – does not.  And even then, BLE multi-source is a bit kludgy.

What we did was “hack” the Bluetooth standard, a bit.  Not too much, mind you, but we did take liberty with it.  Essentially, we have a “keep alive” heartbeat that maintains connection (if possible) to the two paired sources.  When you make one the master, we occasionally “blip” over to the other to make it think we’re still connected and listening.  It’s kind of like talking to one person in real life, and keep the other on the line on your phone.

Now, HOW it’s done inside the QCC3034 is the secret sauce!  Qualcomm chips are notoriously difficult to program and even harder to use in non-standard ways.  But we’re geeks of a different kind and we figured it out.  And it works.

So if you want the best sounding, true dual source Bluetooth receiver (with near-instant source switching), Neon is YOUR choice!


Performance Specifications (measured)
Frequency Response 13 Hz to 20 kHz +0 dB / – 3 dB
THD < 0.05%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 1 mW
SNR 98 dB (noise floor less than 105 nVrms)
Bluetooth Compatibility iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, iPadOS, Linux
CODECs: SBC, AAC, AptX, Low Latency
Bluetooth Version 5.2 (Classic, BLE for BSP reporting)
Source Compatibility Any Bluetooth audio source
Continuous Power Output (RMS) 140 mW RMS per channel @ 32 Ohms (280 mW total)
Output Voltage 2.2Vrms @ 0 dBFS
Output Current 100 mA continuous
Battery Life 14 Hours, typical
Battery Size 300 mAh
Charge Time 1 Hour
Length 45mm
Width 23mm
Height 13mm
Weight 12.5 grams
Audio Jack 3.5mm TRRS
Charging Jack USB-C
LED Indicator Blue/Green
Body Material Blended Thermo Copolymer

Manuals And Support

USER MANUAL: The user manual is here.  It’s an entertaining read, even if you don’t have a Neon.  Better than the back of most medicine bottles or frozen pizza boxes, at least.

HOW TO PAIR IN ANDROID: This video will walk you through the steps to pair in Android.  It goes quick, but it’s on the Internet so you can always pause, play back, rewind.

HOW TO PAIR AN IPHONE: This video will walk you through the steps to pair Neon to an iPhone.  It only takes a few steps, and you can rewind if you miss something.

HOW TO USE THE SOURCE BUTTON: This video shows you how to use the round Source button.  It’s really quite intuitive, but even so – we made this fun, short video to take you through the process of pairing both sources, switching between them, and resetting both.


Periodic Audio Neon Dual Source Bluetooth Receiver: Review  “A surprising product that will remain in my coat pocket for a very long time.”

Hidden Gem: Periodic Audio Neon – 5 Reasons Why I Love This “Great device.  REALLY great device!”

Buy Neon Dual Source BT Receiver For only $89.00 USD

Bundle a Scandium transmitter and Ti headphone for a great personal home theater solution!
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7 reviews for Neon Dual Source BT Receiver

  1. Ron Kerlin

    Having been a longtime user of Periodic In-ear Monitors and Electronics (Rhodium and Nickel), it was with much anticipation that I now have the opportunity to evaluate the new Neon Bluetooth receiver amp.

    I need to preface my impressions by admitting that I have owned dozens of Bluetooth devices of all flavors, most of which I no longer own due to various reasons, including comfort, size, battery run time but most of all, the music just didn’t come close to the quality of desktop or even portable gear.

    Given this past history, I couldn’t help but wonder what Periodic could bring to the table that others were not able to deliver. Just to mention a few things, the Neon is a bit smaller than my thumb but can output 140 mW per channel into 32 ohms, flawlessly connect to 2 different sources with the tap of a button while offering the utmost in simplicity of operation!

    Of course none of this would overcome issues of short range, poor battery life and compromises in audio performance all of which have been addressed during the design of the Neon. I get no dropouts from one side of my house to the other, even through 2 block walls. Play time at my normal listening levels typically runs 14-15 hours. The most appropriate codecs are selected automatically. But of all these niceties, by far the most important is the superb quality of sound from this tiny device!

    I have tried nearly all of my In-ear monitors and Over-ear phones and must say that to my ears, the sound is virtually indistinguishable from that of my desktop devices. Truly unbelievable, I spent hours listening to my favorite recordings searching for any hint of audio artifacts to no avail. Just pure sweet music!

    Well-done, Periodic; you nailed it with the Neon!

  2. Trey

    WHOA. Got me a Neon and its big time serious. All my cans, including Sony 7506 and old Grados sound great with this thing. Never run out of volume. I use it a lot at home too in bed, my TV has Bluetooth so I set up channel 2 for my TV channel 1 is my phone. Cans keep it quiet to not disturb my gf but I can listen loud if I want. It is tiny too like smaller than a lighter so its never in the way ever. Love this amp!

  3. Beatman

    This thing is badass! There current ad calls Neon badass and I agree it is tiny but sounds so freaking big. I have some old Sennhiser HD600s, Blue Lolas and a bunch of IEMs and I can drive all no prob. Pairing 2 sources is easy I leave one channel hooked to my phone the other to my laptop makes makin beats simple and easy can bounce between beats and streaming music or facetime no prob. Nice controls too I had a few other bluetooth amps and they were hard to remember what to use because of combo button pushs and stuff this is simple it’s like the controls on the original earpods – vol up, play/pause, vol down. Simple slick.

  4. Jim W.

    Amazing audio tech here. Small and light. Perfect for listening on the go. I clip it to my shirt collar. Battery life is insane. Bluetooth range is incredible. Phone call sound and control are great. Above all, the sound quality is stellar. Incredible synergy with Beryllium IEM. My wife wants one now.

  5. Nick S.

    Just about the perfect Bluetooth receiver. What it does good/great: tons of power, very long battery life, ultra small and light (doesn’t pull down my shirt pocket at all), simple buttons (I HATE multifunction buttons on things I can’t remember what they do), cable comes out the bottom – I like that (cable lays normal doesn’t try to pull the receiver over), and I don’t know how they got the range they do, but I can go from my office to the back of the warehouse – about 70 feet and 3 walls – and it doesn’t drop out. And the dual source helps a lot. I use it for my computer for Zoom calls and my phone for music/calls so I can bounce between the two really easy wherever I am. Normally I would have to go to my phone, drop the receiver, then connect with my laptop – which means I have to be at my desk. Now I can roam everywhere and switch by pressing a button on Neon, that is super convenient.

    The ONLY downside I see (and the reason I gave it a 4 star, instead of a 5, but I would have given it a 4.5 out of 5) was that it doesn’t support LDAC. I have an LG phone and it supports LDAC and I’d love to try it with LDAC. AptX and AAC are really good – better than SBC – but I’d really like LDAC. My guess is that the dual channel support took too much code space so that they had to drop LDAC codec. It’s more of an esoteric thing, but if I’m being honest that’s the one flaw I see.

    Other than that, this is about the best $90 I’ve spent on audio in the last few years, all my headphones love it and I love it to!

  6. David

    Probaly your first review from the UK; so I hope it encourages others globally who may not have experienced your Company yet. Just received from UPS/Royal Mail.
    No problems with that aspect. Frankly Neon is brilliant. I Have other bluetooth amp/Dacs (Shanling & FIIO) Neon is better in power/function & Technicalities in my opinion. It pairs perfectly with your TI IEM which I have also purchased in the last month. Music is so immersive & exciting with this combination. It even beats my wired amp/dac combos. Finally ,global buyers should not be afraid of your direct sales. It works & is cost effective for your customers, Well done!

  7. Erick Johansen

    On word: perfect. Well, almost I wish it was in a different color than black but I get that most people like different colors so if youre going to do a single color black makes sense because most people are OK with it.

    Neon sounds great with tons of power for my collection of headphones both in and over ear. Real deep extension like I get from my home DACs but this is one I can take with me. I replaced a Qudelix 5K with this, it sounds the same to me and is easier to use and a LOT smaller and lighter to carry around so my pocket isn’t pulled down. I also like the cable comes out of the bottom so it doesn’t try to pull the unit over on my pocket or collar thats a smart idea I wonder why more havent thought of that.

    I plan to buy one for my brother for Christmas its a natural gift for anyone who is into tech and music and wants something that sounds better than airpods or other generic earbuds which all sound pretty crappy actually. A good set of 7Hz or DUNU IEMs and the Neon really gives a top notch experience for less than the cost of gen 3 airpods lol.

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