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Electron USB-C to Lightning Adapter

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 cm


Electron is the glue to bring our USB products to your Lightning devices.  USB-C female on one side, Lightning male on the other, and incredibly small.  Adds 19mm- to the cable and just 2 grams of weight.  Converts any USB-C data cable to a Lightning enabled cable.

Electron’s been certified to work with the last 2 versions of iPhones and our own Rhodium, Silicon and other upcoming USB-C based products.  Plug and Play comes to your iPhone.

Electron can also provide OTG capability for your Lightning device.  Flash drives, cameras, and more can now plug straight in to your device – with Electron making the connection for you.

A small lanyard loop is included if you’d like to attach your Electron to your Rhodium or other device semi-permanently.  Or put it on a small keyring to use whenever you need it.

Get Electron and open up a whole new world of audio excellence for your iPhone!


Installed Length 19mm
Installed Width 10.7mm
Installed Thickness 6.2mm
Weight 2 grams
Input USB-C (24 pin)
Output Lightning (8 pin)

Buy Electron USB-C to Lightning Adapter For only $9.95 USD

This item: Electron USB-C to Lightning Adapter
$9.95 USD
$9.95 USD
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1 review for Electron USB-C to Lightning Adapter

  1. Terry W

    Bought two. Work exactly as advertised. I use them on a couple of different DACs, an older AudioQuest Black and a Periodic Rhodium. Finally don’t need to limit myself to the clunky Apple camera adapter, I can now use a USB DAC without a problem. Cheap and perfect for my needs.

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