Eartips aren’t sexy.  But they are crucial to the in-ear headphone experience.  Without quality earbuds, your sonic experience is compromised.  The eartip sets your environment.  It’s really all you feel when you’re wearing IEMs.  And if they’re poorly designed, it’s like sitting on a bag of sharp rocks.

At Periodic Audio, we make our own eartips.  We designed the shapes to cover 95% of all ear canals with just 3 models. We use our vast experience and library of data on the ear and dimensions to create the ideal shapes and dimensions.  Ambitious?  Sure.  But it’s convenient, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours pounding through a dozen different sizes just to find out that none of them fit.

We chose Dow Corning medical grade silicone and polyurethane.  The silicone is a translucent off-white when we start; we compound our own carbon black and emulsifiers to create the final silicone used before thermoforming the eartips. Yes, this is more expensive.  Yes, it is more labor intensive.  But since this is the only thing you’ll feel all the time that you’re wearing your IEMs, why compromise?  We guess if you’d rather sit on that rusty bench, be our guest – we’ll take the silk hammock instead.

We use reinforced collars to maintain a tight grip on the IEM. Nothing worse than an eartip coming off in your ear.  Even worse when you have to ask one of your friends to dig in your ear to get it out (we hope you listened to your mother and clean your ears regularly; if not, they’re going to be grossed out).

All of this was done so we can ensure they are comfortable to wear for hours on end.

If you want the same, great quality eartip you received with your first pair of Periodic Audio IEMs, now you can order replacement sets.  Conveniently packaged 8 to a set, this provides a full year’s worth of new tips (changed out every 3 months).  All styles (single flange, dual flange, and foam), all sizes (small, medium, large).



SizesSmall, Medium, Large
FormsSingle flange, Dual flange, Memory Foam
Quantity8 per package
Weight13 grams per package
MaterialDow Corning XIAMETER base with proprietary emulsifier and tint
Durometer60 shore A for collar; 30 shore A for flange (no rating for foam)
Chemical Resistance1000 hours to oleic acid (found in earwax)
Specific Gravity1.09