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    Beryllium V3

    $249.00 USD

    Applied Material Properties: Be Beryllium is among the least dense stable metals, but also has among the highest Young’s modulus values (a ratio of the stiffness) and speed of sound. This results in high efficiency and extremely low distortion as the diaphragm does not bend on its own, moves homogeneously, and dissipates internal energy very…

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    Carbon V3

    $299.00 USD

    AudioCarbon is unique. Lab grown diamond meets Neil Diamond. The ultimate statement in resolution, with distortion below any other IEM we know of. Transparency starts and stops with C. Enough fun built in to make listening to any style a joy, but revealing enough to hear any detail buried in the mix. The sleek, all-black…

  • Copper IDEEL Connector Cable

    $19.00 USD

    Carry On With Copper Cu is our standard high quality cable.  It comes stock with all our V3 IEMs.  Need a factory replacement?  Here it is!  We use 6N (99.9999%) pure oxygen-free  copper wire.  The wire is coated in a 7 micron enamel plating to keep it isolated with minimum rigidity and thickness. A polyester jacket with matching braided…

  • Hydrogen

    $12.00 USD

    Earbuds aren’t sexy.  But they are crucial to the in-ear headphone experience.  Without quality earbuds, your sonic experience is compromised. At Periodic Audio, we make our own earbuds.  We designed the form to cover 95% of all ear canals with just 3 models.  We chose Dow Corning medical grade silicone.  we use reinforced collars to…

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    Magnesium V3

    $99.00 USD

    Magnesium is the Product Of The Year SoundStage! Network! The Mg IEM utilizes a high magnesium content alloy (96% Mg) for the diaphragm material. Magnesium is the least dense of all stable metals.  Magnesium is also very high on the stiffness-to-weight ratio, and that is why it’s used in automotive and aerospace applications.  These two properties…

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    Neon Dual Source BT Receiver

    $89.00 USD

    Neon bestows wireless superpowers upon ANY wired headphones! Seamless Source Switching No more hassles un-pairing and re-pairing your most used sources. Connect to two different devices and hop between them with the press of a button.  You Shall Pass! – Gandalf Neon’s battery is certified by the Council of the Wise for Lord of the…

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    Rhodium DAC

    $49.00 USD

    Rhodium is a mobile HiFi Swiss Army Knife, and the best value High Resolution Audio DAC/Preamp/Amp In The World. If you want to experience the pinnacle of Mobile-HiFi, Rhodium + Nickel + a set of our IEM’s guarantees you category leading ‘Megabuck’ HiFi performance, that will fit in your pocket. If your Android phone or…

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    Silicon Micro DAC/AMP

    $199.00 USD
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    Silver IDEEL Connector Cable

    $49.00 USD

    Shine On With Silver Ag is our new silver cable.  We start with our high-purity copper cable and add a 25 micron thick coating of 99% pure silver.  The wire is coated in a 7 micron enamel plating to keep it isolated with minimum rigidity and thickness. A polyester jacket with matching braided polyester jacket…

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    Titanium V3

    $129.00 USD

    Titanium is just plain fun. In your face. Kick in the pants. Boogie down or bang the head. Ti does it all. Unabashedly not accurate. This isn’t your 3 piece jazz ensemble IEM. This is a full-on, blast your face rock concert. It’s a thunderous EDM club. It’s reggae all day long. Ti just makes…

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