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Neutron MMCX to 2.5 TS Adapter

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1 cm


Neutron is a must-have for people wanting to use MMCX cables with our IEMs.  It perfectly adapts many MMCX male connectors (not all – the MMCX specification is wide) to our 2.5mm TS-compatible IDEEL jack.

The “input” end of Neutron is where your MMCX male connector plugs in.  The other end of Neutron?  A rugged, reliable 2.5mm TS connector which perfectly engages the IDEEL jack on our IEMs.  Snug fit, and the little gold reveal adds a splash of color.

Now you can use ANY MMCX cable or accessory with our IEMs.  Expand the products you can pair with Beryllium.  Use your on-stage IEM monitor setup to the better sounding – and more comfortable – Carbons.  And more.

Sold in pairs, simple polyethylene bag.  No instructions needed – plug in and go!

Nerd Layer

How is This Made?

VERY carefully!  Literally.  We machine out of C83400 brass (high electrical conductivity – brass is a blend of copper and zinc).  Both the outer housing AND the center pin!  Yes, they are actually CNC machined, each part separately.  Then each part is gold-flashed with 6 microns of 95% pure gold.

The center red insulator?  That’s injection molded from homopolymer polypropylene, a VERY stable polymer for electrical use.

The center pin is pressed into the red insulator.  Then the pin/insulator assembly is pressed and crimped into the outer housing.  BOOM – one Neutron, ready to go!

Why do Some MMCX Connectors Not Work?

The MMCX spec is WIDE.  Like, really, REALLY wide.  MMCX was around for about 6 years before a formal specification was adopted.  But by that time, literally billions of MMCX connectors were already sold, and many manufacturers refused to adjust their toolings to the new spec since it would no longer work well with their previous units.  So we have a situation where not all MMCX jacks will work with all MMCX plugs

Will your MMCX cable work with our Neutron?  Most likely, yes – but that’s no guarantee!  Not all fit together nicely (unlike the 2.5mm TS plug/jack, which IS truly universal).


Installed Length 2.7mm
Installed Diameter 5mm
Weight 1 gram per side
Input CECC 22000 Compliant (MMCX)
Output 2.5mm TS (Center pin is tip)
Insertion Rating 10,000 for TS
1,000 for MMCX
Rotation Rating 100,000 for TS
1,000 for MMCX

Buy Neutron MMCX to 2.5 TS Adapter For only $10.00 USD

This item: Neutron MMCX to 2.5 TS Adapter
$10.00 USD
$10.00 USD
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