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Freedom Bundle : Be + Ne

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Freedom for you and your music!  We pair our  award-winning Beryllium V3 IEM and our new Neon Bluetooth receiver amp.  The result?  Phenomenal sound on the go, untethered from your cellphone or laptop.

Beryllium is our most awarded IEM, and for good reason.  A near-perfect tonal balance, exceptionally low distortion, plenty of sensitivity, and our legendary all-day comfort (no joke – plenty of reviewers use our IEMs as their daily driver not just because of the sound but because a 10 hour stint with these is painless).

Neon is the standard for Bluetooth wireless receivers.  Seemingly bottomless power reserves, wide bandwidth, audiophile CODECs, long battery life, tiny in size – and super simple to use.  Pair it your cellphone and laptop and use either source at the click of a button.  No more need to keep yourself tethered to the source, choose from two sources on the go!

Together, Be + Ne brings freedom.  Freedom to love your music wherever you go, whenever you are.  Tune out the world, drop in to the music, and wander where you will!

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This item: Freedom Bundle : Be + Ne
$338.00$269.00 USD
$338.00$269.00 USD
1 × Starter Pack: Mg + Rh
$129.00 USD
1 × Power Trio: Ti + Rh + Ne
$229.00 USD


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