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Rhodium DAC


Rhodium is a mobile HiFi Swiss Army Knife, and the best value High Resolution Audio DAC/Preamp/Amp In The World.

If you want to experience the pinnacle of Mobile-HiFi, Rhodium + Nickel + a set of our IEM’s guarantees you category leading ‘Megabuck’ HiFi performance, that will fit in your pocket. 

If your Android phone or tablet doesn’t have a 3.5mm output, Rhodium provides a 32bit/384kHz DAC & High-Power Amplifier output stage for your wired headphones.

If you want to improve the quality of your Windows or MacOS computer’s headphone output, or microphone input, Rhodium is just the ticket.

If you want to transform your Android device, Windows computer, or MacOS computer into a High Resolution DAC/Preamp, Rhodium has your back.

NOTE: iOS devices aren't well supported; we've confirmed that a 4th gen iPad, running iOS 14.3 works, but most iOS devices would require use of the Apple Camera adapter, and even then, your success is not guaranteed.

Specially selected audio-grade caps of C0G tolerance in all audio pathways, high-speed, high-stability X7Rs for all power supply bypasses results 10 dB lower noise and 1/2 the distortion of any competing product on the market anywhere near Rhodium’s price point.

Proprietary high-strand OFC wire with polyethylene woven jacket and molded aluminum shells guarantees years of reliable use.

The result is stunning. Near-sonic perfection in something that weighs less than a nickel (the coin, not our awesome amp). 


Frequency Response 2 Hz to 192 kHz, +0/-3 dB
Dynamic Range
113 dB
108 dB A wt.
Less than 0.007%
Output Power
31 mW @ 32 Ohms
Current Consumption
23 mA @ 1 mW output
Physical Properties
Cable Length
Mass 4.4 grams
Operational Temperature -20 to +50° C
Operational Humidity 0-95% Relative Humidity
Retention Force
1.8 Newtons
Overall Length 117 mm
Max Width
10.8 mm
Max Thickness
6.9 mm
Material Properties
Melting Point 2237 Kelvin
Speed of Sound 4700 meters per second
Young's Modulus 380 Gigapascals
Brinell Hardness 1100 Megapascals